Forthcoming Sessions

forthcoming sessions:
23.Sept ls. Slimmah Sound, Lyrical Benjie, Ganjaman, Uwe banton, Junior Randy, Medassi  /  Lindenkeller in Freising
27.Okt ls. Siren Sisters & Roots Descendents  / Kassel
28.Okt ls. Siren Sisters & Sista I-Flow & Muffa Tuffa & Jah Robinsun  / Magdeburg

Forthcoming New Flower Records Release

After more than 2 years work, vibes & excitements, Jah Sonic and InI Dandelion are very happy to anounce the upcoming 12inch Vinyl Release coming this summer on New Flower Records:Sister Zoe Amanzi rides a hypnotic Jah Sonic Riddim with her magnificent voice. They have created a once heared  – never to forget Sufferes anthem! On the B Side the highly talented Breda Isayah flows his majestic flow full of praise & thanks!